Tigers aiming to strengthen links with community

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CASTLEFORD Tigers chief executive Steve Ferres has identified a new savers scheme to be launched by the club as the first step in strengthening links with the local community.

Ferres (pictured) identified improving the Tigers’ connection with people who live in the area as a key area when he took over from Richard Wright and has come up with a new savers scheme that seeks to support local businesses while also rewarding Cas fans.

The new Cas Fan Savers scheme will present an opportunity for local businesses to advertise their products or services via a dedicated area of the Tigers website, which receives 32,000 unique online visitors a month and ranks high on Google for searches of the word ‘Castleford’.

Ferres said: “It is a new era for Castleford Tigers and we need to start thinking of every aspect of the club as a business if we want to drive it forward.

“The savers scheme will allow us to strengthen existing, as well as forge new, links with the business community which will undoubtedly open doors for further partnership opportunities in the future.

“By return, it will enable us to offer the largest selection of discounts available in the Castleford area to any fan that purchases a membership with the club.

“Over the years the strength of the club has been its strong links with the community and this is something we want to regain and nurture for the future.

“We aim to exclusively target local businesses with this scheme and thus encourage our fans to support the local economy. It is the start of a series of community initiatives that will be implemented by the club in the coming months as we strive to achieve this goal. There is no hiding from the fact that it is has been an extremely tough season for the club and this is the first step towards significant changes which must take place for it to progress.

“We have already got a great selection of businesses on board but the more that sign up, the stronger the offering and the greater the uptake from fans so we are continuing to talk to and encourage more businesses to get involved.”

Any businesses interested in the new scheme can contact Nick Fozzard on 01977 552 674 or nick@castigers.com for more information.