Shenton: Castleford squad is deeper than last year

Michael Shenton.
Michael Shenton.

Although a number of players, including Man of Steel Daryl Clark, have left the club Michael Shenton believes that Castleford Tigers have a stronger squad than last year.

The Tigers skipper believes that competition for places was a big factor in the side’s improvement last year and with their off-season recruitment Cas have maintained that for 2015.

He said: “The squad is deeper. There’s a number of people for each position and competition for places is huge, which is a big part of why we did well last year. It kept everyone on their toes.

“You could say we will miss some of the players who have gone, like Daryl Clark and Craig Huby, but there’s no point worrying about it. We’ve had to move on fast and we’ve got some new players in now to replace those guys.

“I think it’s exciting who we’ve brought in, there’s a bit of experience and some really solid players. Junior Moors and Ben Roberts have added a real bit of flair to us as well – they’re experienced guys, but they can really play and they know their game so I’m looking forward to seeing those guys and how they are going to play for us.

“I think the London guys are good recruits as well. They’ve got a massive point to prove. Obviously they didn’t have a great year last year. Daryl’s shown faith in them by signing them and they’ve got to show a bit of that back and prove a point.

“Throughout this team there’s a bit of that, which can really work in our favour. There’s people like Adam Milner, who was a little bit behind Daryl Clark last year but can be a big player for us.

“Someone’s got to step up and fill Craig Huby’s shoes as one of the leaders of the pack, but we’ve got players who can do that.”

Shenton added: “Daryl Powell’s pretty good at getting everyone a game so you know that at some point you are going to get rested or whatever. It’s important that when it comes to the big games when we really need a win that you are in the team.

“We’ve never had that competition for places at the club before and everyone pretty much knew the 13.

“But that year we lost Rangi he was a big chunk of the salary cap so with that money instead of a like for like replacement it was spread across the team and that really helped us along with the game plan that we changed.

“It really worked in our favour that everyone was responsible and everyone had some kind of involvement in making sure we played well.”