Powell: RFL need to tighten rules on dual-registration

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Featherstone Rovers coach Daryl Powell believes the RFL need to “get a grip” on the controversial expanded dual-registration system.

Rovers are one of the minority of Championship clubs that have not formed an official partnership with a Super League club.

The system allows Super League players to be dual-registered and play for Championship teams.

It has led to Super League players being farmed out en masse to their Championship partners.

“For me, it’s not in the spirit of the game the way it’s been done but it is what it is at the moment,” said Powell (pictured).

“Until the RFL get a grip on it and tighten the rules, clubs are going to abuse it and it’s being abused by quite a lot of clubs at the moment and all we can do is plough our own path.

“At Featherstone, we are seeing young players like Jack Bussey coming through and we’ve got other good quality young players on our books.

“I don’t want to cut across them and deny them the opportunity to play in our team. If we started doing that sort of stuff, Jack Bussey doesn’t come through.

“Teams have got their own ideas on it and while the rules are there to be abused and it allows clubs to be lazy in terms of recruitment then that’s what will happen.

“The RFL have left it too loose and I told them that this would happen in a Championship meeting. They said it wouldn’t but it has turned out pretty much like that straight away.

“We don’t want to become a glorified reserve team competition for Super League clubs. It should have been about developing young players in the Championship but it’s turned into something slightly different to that.

“For me, the RFL has got to get a grip on it.”

Although there is no limit to the number of players who can be dual-registered between partnered clubs, Championship clubs can select no more than five dual-registered or loan players in their 17-man squads on match days.