What does a Badsworth-born Olympic swimmer eat in a day?

Max Litchfield.
Max Litchfield.

Olympic swimmer and Badsworth boy Max Litchfield has been speaking about the fuel it will take for him to go for gold at Tokyo 2020.

The British record holder, who finished fourth in the 2016 Olympics and has won silver and bronze medals at World Championships and European Championships, is a leading contender in the 400m individual medley event in particular for next year's Olympics and is on with his preparations now.

Those preparations include making sure he is eating correctly. On an average day, Max will consume over 3,000 calories, across seven meals.

This food allows him to swim 8000m in a typical training session, which is just short of the height of Mount Everest.

See a video detailing Max's meals on a typical day of training here

Before a big competition, such as Tokyo 2020, he is very strict with his body.

Max said: “I would measure skinfolds and weight quite meticulously to ensure I am stabilising at my race weight and composition and if any changes were needed I would implement these appropriately.”

The Olympian trains 20 plus hours a week at the Loughborough National Centre in his bid for a podium position in 2020. This is split into 10, two-hour sessions with three 1.5 hour gym sessions on top.

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