The Sparkle Coach: Find the right support to avoid being overwhelmed

More of us than ever are exercising at home, with a new found appreciation of the importance of our health, well-being and fitness as a building block to succeed in all areas of life, but with a plethora of opportunities online, how do we navigate our way to achieve our wellness goals and avoid overwhelm?

Monday, 8th February 2021, 1:42 pm

“I know what I should be doing, but I don’t know where to start!”: I hear this so much from clients I coach as it is a challenge to cut through the information overload and to begin on your mind and body transformation.

They have already taken the first steps but now they feel pressure of what they ‘should’ be doing. So firstly, reduce the word ‘should’, talk to yourself kindly and seek support.

I myself have a therapist, a personal trainer, a sleep coach and I attend business, fitness, dance, parenting and mental health courses regularly which specialise in an area of my work or life I need support with or want to improve.

The Sparkle Coach

I too am a coach, in the morning I coach dance and fitness working with women who want to feel strong in mind and body and then on an afternoon I am coaching people media, digital and YouTube skills so they can build a brand online. But I could not give as much as I do or grow in myself if I did not have selected people and consumed content which steered me forward.

My attention is on mind and body fitness and supporting my family whilst developing myself, so I adopt an abundance mindset in investing in those areas and put my energy into them.

With this comes opportunities but at times I too am overloaded by courses, classes and information so I have developed these strategies to help me maintain motivation and a laser focus on where I am going in life.

Take a break, from emotional triggers, where possible, and explore your ‘why,’ a passion which is of priority. e.g. I want to lose fat and build muscle so I can feel more confident in myself and most of all have energy to manage my work and enjoy my relationships.

And then realistically schedule in your other ambitions. You don’t have to do everything all at once, as it is about sustainable progression.

Write it down, stick it up and put all your focus into that area so you can adopt a laser focus and say ‘no’ to irrelevant information or negative people. Remember, people who feel inadequate in their own lives often struggle to see others transform, so unless they’re there challenging themselves, trying to grow in your arena, they’re probably not worth listening to.

By saying ‘no’ to what and who holds you back from achieving your goal and most of all feeling more fulfilled, you’re giving yourself more time and space for your huge doorways to ‘yes’.

After doing a little bit of research, select a ‘team’ or a person who will support you to progress, I am a big believer in coaches and employing specialists for this as I will never stop learning but to start with it might be exploring the right group or programme to keep you motivated.

To progress you need to find your flow of what works and make gradual adjustments.

Remember it is about focusing on ‘adding’ to your life rather than extracting.

A lot of women I work with want to transform overnight, they are depleted by the ‘dieting’ mentality rather than seeing their fitness journey as adding value and strength to their life. E.g. I may reduce my chocolate intake, to give myself energy to do a workout and enjoy a colourful meal. Or I am saying no to ‘binge drinking’ on a weekend because I want to feel great for my walk.

By living more intentionally, seeking assistance to maintain our growth and accepting we are all vulnerable in areas, we can cut through the noise of what we should and shouldn’t do and give ourselves space to reflect, take action and celebrate feeling fulfilment.

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