Scott Askham aiming big after continuing winning streak with win over Polish KSW legend

Scott Askham.
Scott Askham.

After maintaining unbeaten record in the KSW promotion Hemsworth fighter Scott Askham is now looking for a possible champion versus champion contest in 2020.

Middleweight champion Scott Askham was challenged in his latest bout as he was forced to go the distance for the first time in the KSW when up against Polish legend Mamed Khalidov.

But he came through to be a clear points winner against the former middleweight champ in a top of the bill fight at KSW 52 in Gliwice, Poland on Saturday.

His title was not at stake as this was a catchweight bout and Askham is now looking for a similar challenge next year against light heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun.

The two fighters are clearly different sizes, but the Hemsworth man believes he could overcome the disadvantage if the fight is made and the prospect of becoming a two-weight champ is tempting.

“Narkun is a big guy. I’ve stood beside him – he’s a big dude,” said Askham.

“Ultimately, I’ll have to sit down with my management and I’m sure we’ll make the right decisions.

“For now, I’m a middleweight. When I fought Luke Barnett he was trying to get me to fight at light heavyweight, but I just told him, ‘I’m a middleweight.’ I’ve fought my whole career at middleweight, but money talks ultimately.

“I would never rule it out, being a two-weight champion would be a massive achievement especially against a champion like Narkun. He’s been unstoppable in that light heavyweight division and brings different problems to solve as well.”

On his victory over Khalidov, one of the biggest names in KSW’s history, Askham said: “When I get old this will be down as one of the biggest nights in my career.

“I drove to the cage in a super car and got out and fought one of the best European middleweights of all time.

“KSW put on a show. What a night. Thank you to my team. Thank you to my partner and to all those who supported me.”

The fight did not go as many people expected with renowned striker Askham showing he could excel in the grappling side of the sport.

With Askham’s KSW stoppage wins in mind, perhaps, Khalidov did not want the fight to be at distance, but he struggled to match Askham’s intensity, fitness and improved wrestling ability.

The Polish MMA star set a fast pace initially, but could not keep it up with Askham able to control the fight from the top position and able to land blows between isolated bursts of action from Khalidov.

After 15 minutes of action, Askham was awarded a unanimous decision with one judge giving him all three rounds and the other two giving him 29-28 scores. It was his fifth straight win since he left the UFC promotion.