Featherstone shareholders vote through development plan

Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell.
Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell.

Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell believes a vote to develop surrounding land at the LD Nutrition Stadium will secure the long-term future of the club.

Shareholders voted through a plan, which includes the development of 12 acres of surrounding land, for housing and light commercial usage, at the club’s AGM last week.

The result of the vote means that Rovers will have financial security once the current television deal with Sky runs out.

“It will provide the club with security when the current TV contract ends in 2021/22,” said Campbell.

“It will raise in the region of 2.5 million in building assets, which will remain under the club’s full control and generate a minimum of £25,000 in income, each and every month, forever.

“We will also have the cash to develop the units under the Go Media stand, which will create another revenue stream for the club.”

The vote at last week’s AGM now means that the club will sign over the land to a private equity firm or development company to take the risk while the club retains a controlling stake.

A statement from the club said: “The evening showcased the strong affinity the club has with the local community and the passion of its supporters.

“Work will now progress, in order to ensure option ‘C’ is carried out in an effective manner, to secure the long-term future of Featherstone Rovers.”

Option C received 89 votes while Option A, which proposed Featherstone continue as they are without using the assets of the club received a total of 60 votes.