Millward wants more communication with referees

Ian Millward
Ian Millward

Frustrated Castleford Tigers head coach Ian Millward has called for more communication between referees and Super League teams.

Millward has seen his team on the wrong end of some controversial decisions this season and has been left disappointed with explanations from officials.

He believes the refereeing standard could improve if the officials can work with coaches and players.

He said: “We’re in a really bad state in rugby league at the moment because no coaches want to speak to the referees.

“I do ring up but when we want to ask a question we get vilified, ‘Listen, shut your mouth, it’s got nothing to do with you’.

“I rang up last week and explained a couple of things that I think the ref could help with in the ruck area and the first thing Jon Sharp at the League (RFL) said to me was ‘Thanks very much, great feedback, we haven’t had that before, we’d like to pass that on and help one of our young referees’.

“I said please can we have this relationship and tell us (coaches and players) some things that we might be better at - that’s what we need as a group. We’ve got to learn together.

“I really struggle with some of the things I see and I reckon if we could work together as coaches, players and referees we can help improve the game and make it easier.

“We’ve got to make sure that we’re open and transparent - that’s what makes us different in rugby league. Our fans can mingle with each other, we were one of the first to do video refs. We should be transparent but I don’t feel we’re transparent enough.”