Millward impressed with Castleford players’ attitude

Ian Millward.
Ian Millward.

Castleford Tigers boss Ian Millward believes his side’s improved ability to cope with adversity will stand them in good stead as the season goes on.

Millward is hoping for a change of fortune with decisions after the Tigers fell foul of the new team warnings system against Leeds and Bradford with players being sin-binned at crucial times.

But the way the players are dealing with things thrown at them so far this season is impressing the head coach even if the officiating was not so good in last Saturday’s game at Bradford.

He said: “I thought it was a great contest at Bradford and there was nothing between the two teams, but the turning point in the game was when we went down to 11 men and they scored three tries in that period.

“Losing Rangi Chase before the game and losing Gareth O’Brien after five minutes didn’t help either.

“It was so tough to play with only 11 men so late in the game and it gave the score a lopsided look.

“You only have to listen to some of the commentators to know that everyone was bewildered by some of the decisions.

“There was plenty of controversy out of the game. But what it did do was give us great heart.

“The boys tried very, very hard and I was quite impressed. If they can keep that attitude up and just keep getting used to playing with each other and refining a few things there will be some good days ahead.

“Everyone tried hard, but Jordan Tansey in particular did a good job and is really warming as a full-back.”