Leaders York end Pontefract’s three-match winning run

Pontefract's Adam Routledge prevented a whitewash.
Pontefract's Adam Routledge prevented a whitewash.

Below strength Pontefract saw their three-match winning run end in Yorkshire Chess League Division Two when they lost 7-1 to table-toppers York RIC.

Pontefract’s Phillip Beadham lost a knight for a pawn due to a queen pin and then couldn’t stop mate.

Dave Parton found his king in the middle of the board after an unfamiliar opening and it led to him resigning.

Pete Gray, promoted to board one, was beaten after having his king attacked from knight and queen.

Norman Carr lost a knight and position to a three pawn push and then the game.

Peter Cooper had a backward pawn under attack and his weak king side saw him lose.

Steve Spencer, who was two pawns down in endgame, tried a knight sack for mate but it backfired and he lost.

Adam Routledge prevented a whitewash with a brilliant pawn fork on queen and rook. His opponent, who outgraded him by 30 points, resigned.

Wesley McGough, who was last to finish, made his opponent struggle before being mated with rook and queen.