Jesse plans to bring a buzz to Castleford

Jesse Sene-Lefao
Jesse Sene-Lefao

New boy Jesse Sene-Lefao believes he can bring energy and enthusiasm to the team after flying round the world to play for Castleford Tigers.

The 27-year-old forward is already proving a hit with his ready smile and he wants his personality to show itself on the pitch where he is looking forward to playing in a Cas team known for its entertaining style.

He told the Express: “I think I bring a lot of energy. I’m a pretty happy person so I’ll bring a buzz to the group.

“I’ve been playing in the NRL and I have some experience as well. I can play edge and front row. I don’t know where I’m going to be playing here, but wherever it is I can’t wait and I just want to take the opportunity when it comes.

“It’s been good so far and it’s pretty exciting to be here and playing with these bunch of boys. The way we play is exciting so I can’t wait.”

Sene-Lefao explained how the move to Castleford came about and the part played by new team-mates Ben Roberts and Junior Moors.

He said: “We were talking for a while early in the year when I was in Australia. I wasn’t playing for the first five or six games and I felt that I needed to go somewhere.

“About three weeks before the grand final it was done and we were just waiting on visas.

“I know Junior Moors and Benny Roberts and when they heard the club was after me the first thing they did was to call me.

“I just asked them to be honest with me and asked them ‘how’s Cas and is it a good place to go to?’

“They said the footy’s great and the boys are good. Junior’s killing it and saying he loves it here. Benny was saying there’s a real good culture here.

“Benny’s my wife’s cousin so that was another good thing that we had some family over here.”

Sene-Lefao says he is settling in well and getting used to the change in culture and change in temperature!

He said: “Coming from Australia I had to be mentally ready for the change and a bit of not being comfortable.

“So I was ready and coming here I was expecting the coldest and snow every day. I’m glad I did because we’ve had a few cold days, but lately I feel like I’m a local now. I’m walking around in a shirt.

“It’s not too different in other ways. You wear a lot more clothes over here, but I feel like I’m enjoying life here.

“The club’s been awesome. I think everyone here does more than just their job. Everyone tries to help you.”

Sene-Lefao admits to looking forward to a couple of Super League games in particular.

He added: “I can’t wait to play in the local derby against Wakefield and I can’t wait to play against the team that won it last year. I’ve heard a lot of stories about the Wigan team and I really want to get into them.

“There’s a lot of goals I have personally that I want to tick off. It’s just little steps first and try and play well for Cas in the trials, stamp my authority and get a starting spot.

“Then I want to play the best I can throughout the whole year and hopefully help Cas win a trophy.”