Honours even as Phoenix share points with Army

Flanagan's Army are now one point adrift of leaders Wanderers.
Flanagan's Army are now one point adrift of leaders Wanderers.

Featherstone Phoenix and Division One title contenders Flanagan’s Army were involved in Five Towns Quiz League’s first tied league match this year when the teams finished locked at 65-65.

Flanagan’s are now one point adrift of leaders Wanderers who won 84-57 at Railwaymen.

Division Two table-toppers Crofton WMC retained a two-point lead over closest rivals Golden Lion Dudes by scraping a 63-61 victory at Kippax Ex-Service.

RESULTS - Division 1: Featherstone Phoenix 65, Flanagan’s Army 65; Last Orders 58, RAFA Vulcan Club 66; Railwaymen 57, Wanderers 84.

Division 2: Little ‘Un 50, Leading Ladies 71; G-Fivers 61, Golden lion Dudes 76; Kippaxz Ex-Service 61, Crofton Working Mens Club 63.

POSITIONS - Division 1: Wanderers played 16, won 14, points 28; Flanagan’s Army 16-13-27; Olde Taverners 15-9-18; RAFA Vulcan Club 16-5-10; Featherstone Phoenix 15-4-9; Last Orders 15-4-8; Railwaymen 15-4-8.

Division 2: Crofton WMC 16-15-30; Golden Lion Dudes 16-14-28; Kippax Ex-Service 15-8-16; Rockin’ Gladiators 15-7-14; G-Fivers 15-7-14; Leading Ladies 16-3-6; Little ‘Un 15-0-0.

The draws for the league’s cup competitions were made on Monday.

The pairings are:

Knock-out Cup semi-finals: Last Orders v Flanagan’s Army; Railwaymen v Wanderers. Ties to be played April 3.

Plate Knock-out semi-finals: G-Fivers v Crofton Working Mens Club; RAFA Vulcan Club v Rockin’ Gladiators. Ties to be played April 3

Handicap Cup (round one): Crofton WMC v Leading Ladies; Kippax Ex-Service Club v Wanderers; Last Orders v Golden Lion; Little Un v G-Fivers; Olde Taverners v Rockin’ Gladiators; RAFA Vulcan v Featherstone Phoenix; Railwaymen v Flanagan’s Army. Ties to be played April 10.