Frickley Foundation aims to bring back community spirit

Frickley Athletic assistant manager and head of the club's Foundation John Stancliffe.
Frickley Athletic assistant manager and head of the club's Foundation John Stancliffe.

Frickley Athletic are aiming to restore the community spirit around the club with their recently-founded Frickley Athletic Community Foundation.

The foundation is up and running and has been running summer football camps during the school holidays with more events planned.

Head of the Community Foundation John Stancliffe, who is also the club’s assistant manager, says that the foundation are looking to work with more schools in the area to help keep kids active.

“We want to do more community work to help benefit the community and help bring everyone closer together,” he told the Express.

“We want to work with more schools and by September we are hoping to have eight or nine schools around the area.

“Throughout the year we have been running football camps every day for six to 12-year-olds.

“And we planned them around parents’ working days. It wasn’t just for a couple of hours, they are for full days.”

Stancliffe also says that there are plans to introduce programmes for adults, such as walking football.

Another of the foundation’s aims is to promote local pride.

Stancliffe continued: “We have got things in the pipeline for adults as well, that we are hoping to announce later in the year.

“We are going to try and get walking football going for the elderly so that they can get fit.

“We are looking at a ‘fat to fit’ programme as well. Trying to promote healthy eating and fitness for people who want to lose weight, so we are looking at supporting them as well.

“There is the football side of things and then there is the foundation side of things. We are just a different strand of it.”

Stancliffe added: “It is not the foundation’s job to get people through the gates. If that happens, then great and that will obviously help the football club.

“This is to help promote Frickley and the surrounding areas and help bring the community back together.

“For example, when you meet people on holiday you always ask, ‘Oh, where are you from?’

“And we want people to be proud of coming from the area.”

Anyone requiring further details about the football camps or foundation activities can contact or call 07957 424 795.