Flanagan’s bounce back by beating Last Orders

Flanagan's Army won 73-57 at Last Orders.
Flanagan's Army won 73-57 at Last Orders.

Flanagan’s Army bounced back from two defeats to revive their Five Towns Quiz League Division One title bid with a 73-57 win at Last Orders on Monday.

Flanagan’s remain two points adrift of leaders Wanderers who scraped a 77-72 victory at Featherstone Phoenix.

Third-placed Olde Taverners beat RAFA Vulcan Club 77-60.

Unbeaten Division Two leaders Golden Lion Dudes made it nine wins from nine games against bottom team Little ‘Un.

Dudes stayed two points clear of closest rivals Crofton WMC who beat G-Fivers.

Rockin’ Gladiators won 69-48 against Leading Ladies.

RESULTS - Division 1: Olde Taverners 77, RAFA Vulcan Club 60; Last Orders 57, Flanagan’s Army 73; Featherstone Phoenix72, Wanderers 77.

POSITIONS - Division 1: Wanderers played 9, won 8, points 16; Flanagan’s Army 9-7-14; Olde Taverners 95-5-10; RAFA Vulcan Club 9-3-6; Last Orders 8-3-6; Railwaymen 8-3-6; Featherstone Phoenix 8-1-2.

Division 2: Golden Lion Dudes played 9, won 9, points 18; Crofton WMC 9-8-16; Kippax Ex-Service 8-5-10; Rockin’ Gladiators 9-4-8; G-Fivers 8-3-6; Leading Ladies 9-1-2; Little ‘Un 8-0-0.