Featherstone aim to show off new club mascot at Leeds Rhinos pre-season match

Featherstone's new club mascot will replace pirate-themed Bluebeard.
Featherstone's new club mascot will replace pirate-themed Bluebeard.

Featherstone Rovers are set to unveil a new mascot at the pre-season game against Leeds Rhinos on Friday, January 27.

The new club mascot will celebrate the area’s heritage and will replace the pirate-themed Bluebeard.

Rovers general manager Davide Longo said: “I believe the mascot is a huge marketing tool.

“In some instances Daddy Cool at Wakefield and Ronnie Rhino at Leeds were bigger names than the players to the younger generation.

“Although Bluebeard has served a purpose, he has sometimes gone against the brand as well. I didn’t really see what a pirate was doing as part of the Featherstone culture and heritage.

“I don’t want to give away too much about the new mascot but it’s going to be celebrating the heritage of the area with a modern twist and I feel it’s going to work.

“It’s the same company that’s produced the mascot that did Ronnie Rhino and Daddy Cool so it’s going to be a high quality mascot but again it’s that human factor who wears it that’s got to be right.

“It’s another change we’ve made, hopefully for the positive. There will be some fans upset at losing Bluebeard but there will hopefully be a lot of fans that will be excited by the new mascot we get.

“We are looking at launching it for the pre-season friendly game against Leeds. We are looking at setting a bit of a scene for the launch of the mascot with activities with young children.”

Longo said Rovers would hold another fans forum on Thursday, February 2.

“We will be able to review the pre-season friendlies and it will also be about some other changes we are bringing in.” he added.

He said that on the field Rovers are targeting a top-two finish next season, with the aim of playing in the Million Pound game for a Super League place.

“The ambition for next season is that we’ll be challenging for the top two Championship positions,” he said.

“We see ourselves as a Super League club and I think that’s always been the aim of Mark Campbell since he’s been down here.

“I think sometimes the process has let the club down a little bit under licensing but now we are a club that has good facilities.

“We are building towards a good off-field team, we have a good head coach and some good experienced players and some good young players coming through.

“It’s up to us. I think the opportunity is there to be what we want to be for next year.

“Hopefully, we’ll be in there with a hope of going into the Million Pound Game.”

Meanwhile, businessman Will Eccleston is becoming a new investor in Featherstone Rovers.

“Will is coming in as an investor but he’s a guy who is not only looking at putting some of his money into the club but also some of his time,” added Longo.

“He’s a successful businessman with a passion for Featherstone, although he’s not from Featherstone, he’s from the Midlands.

“He came down here a few times with his family and absolutely loved the game of rugby league. We were quite lucky he came to Featherstone and nowhere else.”