Ex-Rovers player new club director

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FORMER Featherstone Rovers player Stuart Arundel has been co-opted on to the club's board of directors.

Mr Arundel (pictured) first became involved off the field with Rovers in March when he assisted them in the formulation of the Destination Super League campaign through Leeds-based advertising and design firm Beautiful Minds.

The club has been impressed with Mr Arundel's dedication and enthusiasm since he was appointed official marketing partner.

In the past, he has worked on marketing campaigns for the RFL, Volvo, Marstons Pedigree and Ideal Standard. More recently, as well as assisting Featherstone Rovers, he has been working with Welcome to Yorkshire, ADT, Leeds Brewery and Showcase Cinemas.

Mr Arundel said: "After my involvement with Featherstone Rovers over the last six months it will be a pleasure to step up to a board position. This is a great rugby league club and community to be connected with and I will look forward to reaching our immediate target of Destination Super League.

"As a club targets are being set and then achieved. Last year 1,000 season tickets sales was reached, we want to smash that for the 2013 season. Our attendances were up 38 per cent for 2012 putting us on track for Destination Super League. Success on the pitch goes a long way to making those targets achievable because everyone loves a winning team."