Duffy: Our attitude needs to be right against Sheffield

John Duffy: "We've got to take it on the chin, regroup and get ready for another tough battle this weekend. "
John Duffy: "We've got to take it on the chin, regroup and get ready for another tough battle this weekend. "

Coach John Duffy is demanding a big improvement in attitude when Featherstone host winless bottom team Sheffield Eagles at LD Nutrition Stadium on Sunday (3pm kick-off).

After beating Halifax and Toulouse in their opening two Betfred Championship games, Rovers suffered their first defeat with a 44-24 trouncing at London Broncos in last weekend’s top-of-the-table clash.

And Duffy had no doubt where the blame lay for his side’s seven-try thumping.

“We didn’t turn up with the right attitude to play the game. You can’t do that going to places like London or any place,” he admitted.

Rovers will look to bounce back against strugglers Sheffield who have lost their opening three matches against Toulouse, Halifax and Dewsbury.

“We’ve got to make sure we turn up with the right attitude this weekend otherwise we’ll fail again and we can’t do that at any point this season,” said Duffy.

“We’ve got to get better and be really tough on ourselves this week with our review of the London game.

“I’ve got to take it on the chin as head coach and work my players hard this week and get us back on the horse.

“We can’t turn up against anyone in this competition with our attitude being off so that’s down to me to get that right.”

Duffy added that London’s synthetic pitch was not a factor in Featherstone’s poor performance last Sunday.

“We trained on 3G pitches in pre-season so that’s not an excuse at all for us,” he said.

“I thought London were superb. We knew what they were going to throw at us and we didn’t deal it.

“We’ve got to take it on the chin, regroup and get ready for another tough battle this weekend.

“You’ve got to do your fundementals well to get something out of the game and that’s what London did. They ran hard, they got off the line hard and they whacked us.

“We knew what was going to be thrown at us by London. They didn’t change anything.

“We knew what was coming and we didn’t handle it very well and that’s disappointing because we’d practiced it all week.

“We just weren’t there with our attack in the first-half and we just made silly, sloppy errors.

“There were a few tough words said at half-time about attitude and approach to the way we played the game and dealing with what we’d dealt with all week at training.”

Rovers were reduced to 12 men with Richard Moore’s 43rd minute dismissal and they were 44-10 down before they scored three tries in a late rally.

“To be fair to the players when we went down to 12 men we probably played our best stuff which is another frustrating issue,” added Duffy.

“When we were a man down we created a lot of opportunities and we could have capitalised on a few more.

“We carved London open a few times when they had one man more than us on the field so that’s our plus.

“If you did turn up to watch the game at that point in the second-half you’d think why is the score like that because we did played some very attractive stuff with a man down.

“If you look at the personnel in our squad you would expect that from the off so obviously that’s for me to deal with as head coach and get the players ready to go at the start of the game.”

Duffy will check on the fitness Misi Taulapapa who sustained an ankle injury late in the game at West Ealing.

“I think he’s just rolled his ankle,” said Duffy.

“I thought Misi was superb for us against London.

“He has been superb in all our games so far this season so if we were without him he’d be a big loss.”

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