Darts star Mardle’s Rovers exhibition is huge success

Wayne Mardle: "It was a pleasure to come to the Featherstone Rovers."
Wayne Mardle: "It was a pleasure to come to the Featherstone Rovers."

Wayne Mardle was delighted with how his first darts exhibition at Featherstone Rovers went on Friday night.

Five times world championship semi-finalist Mardle entertained a packed room in the clubhouse at Big Fellas Stadium with several legs of darts against supporters, along with Featherstone Rovers players Tim Spears and Ian Hardman.

The second-half was a quesrion band answer sessionhosted by Mardle’s Sky Sports colleague Nigel Pearson, who has been a Rovers fan since he was just seven.

Mardle said: “To be asked to the home of Featherstone Rovers was superb and as with any event you never know how it’s going to go. But I thought it was an absolutely fantastic night and what I did know about this event was the amount of work that had been put into making this specific night a success and I think everyone had a great time.

“When I do these exhibition events it’s not all about me, it’s about the people who have paid their good money, coming out and enjoying themselves.

“I don’t just stand with my back to the audience and throw leg after leg after leg, I mingle with the crowd, I talk to them, have a laugh with them, have pictures taken with them and for me that’s what exhibition darts is all about.

“I’m laid back and I try to mix things up a little bit and it’s a great feeling when you hear the crowd laughing and cheering and the feedback was excellent once again. It was a good crowd, the people were great and it was a pleasure to come to the Featherstone Rovers.

“Darts is an ever-growing game and I think that’s only going to help the exhibition scene too and I’m delighted with that because I love doing these events and I can’t wait to get some more dates sorted.”