Castleford looking for half a million in compensation for Solomona

Denny Solomona
Denny Solomona

Castleford Tigers are claiming £500,000 in compensation for winger Denny Solomona, who quit the club to join rugby union team Sale Sharks.

According to a report published by the BBC, Solomona is alleged to have demanded his wages were doubled before his move, while Sale had been pushing for the player to move since last summer.

Court papers seen by the BBC allege Sale knew Solomona was under contract until November 2018 and the club and his agent, Andy Clarke, thought they would be better off if the player breached his contract rather than negotiate a transfer fee.

In the end Solomona “retired” from rugby league and is already playing for the Sale club.

The court papers are said to include an email that Castleford say was sent by Sale’s director of rugby Steve Diamond to the Tigers chief executive Steve Gill in which an offer of £50,000 compensation was made. An earlier offer of £150,000 rising to £200,000 had been withdrawn.

In the email, it is claimed, Diamond writes: “…legal advice has been sourced and we are confident that when he walks away he will be free to play rugby union.

“I… do not want to get the lawyers involved, it isn’t our style and it will be a distraction as well as expensive to go through the courts for the next two years.

“The club are prepared to pay £50,000 immediately and you will release Denny from his contract at the end of September after your last match.

“Hopefully you will see the sense in a quick, quiet deal.”

Castleford are taking legal action against Solomona, his agent and the Sale club.