Castleford coach: ‘We need to change mentality of the team’

Daryl Powell.
Daryl Powell.

Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell is working on changing the mentality of his players and getting them all to believe that they are capable of beating anyone in Super League.

Last Sunday’s game at Huddersfield showed again that the Tigers can score tries against the best as they came back from 32 points behind to give the new Super League leaders a real scare.

But they once again struggled to put in an 80 minute display, which is frustrating fans and the head coach.

Powell said: “We have got to change the mentality of the team and we have had a pretty frank chat about that.

“Until we do that we are always going to be playing two different games in one 80 minutes. We did it against St Helens when we were in control in the first half and this week we were in control in the second half, but gave ourselves too much to do.

“I’m after that belief in the team that we can win games consistently, which is there with some players but is not there with them all.

“They’re pretty honest guys and they’re taking it on the chin. But we’re not learning quickly enough. The players are spot on as blokes, they want to improve, but we’re not improving quick enough.

“I think we’ve got to believe that we can win games like that (at Huddersfield). I don’t see any reason why not. I’ve been trying to sell that belief to the players since I came and in some respects we’ve got it. But we’ve lost another game.

“We gave away a try at the end trying to have a pop at them, but we’ve still conceded way too many points to win a game and we’ve scored enough to win a game again.”