Big increase in Featherstone’s attendances

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FEATHERSTONE’S home attendances in the Co-operative Championship and Northern Rail Cup group games have increased 32 per cent this season.

Featherstone’s average attendance so far is 2,211.

The crowd of 2,806 for last Sunday’s game against Halifax was nearly 1,000 up on last season’s corresponding fixture.

Rovers chief executive Craig Poskitt (pictured) said: “These figures are very encouraging and I can only stress this is due to hard work from all the off field team at Bigfellas Stadium.

“We collated a great amount of data from our Challenge Cup exploits ensuring every new fan will now be on our system. We are constantly striving to encourage fans to return while also exploring out-reach areas with our community team.

“We now have the people and strategies in place to raise awareness of what we are doing, to make the ‘Featherstone Rovers experience’ a more enjoyable one, and to spread that awareness over a wider area.”

Rovers are also working closely with commercial partners to actively promote the club to help the drive to increase attendances.

Rovers commercial manager Paul Taylor said: “The club has a strong portfolio of commercial partners and sponsors which is probably the strongest outside Super League and they can all help promote the club.

“For instance, we have recently announced a new commercial partnership with DS Smith Packaging, who employ more than 200 local people in the town. The partnership will see a number of DS Smith Packaging employees attending every home game and we hope a significant proportion at the Featherstone site will become Rovers fans if they are not already.”