Bastian: We need to start matches with more intensity

Rovers coach John Bastian said: "We are building some good momentum."
Rovers coach John Bastian said: "We are building some good momentum."

Featherstone Rovers are aiming for a third successive win in tomorrow’s (Sunday) Kingstone Press Championship game against promoted Rochdale Hornets.

The Hornets lost their first two matches against Dewsbury and Keighley but Rovers coach John Bastian will not take anything for granted.

“Rochdale were very competitive against Dewsbury in the first-half and I think they were winning in the first-half against Keighley so they are certainly a team that can play for at least 40 minutes,” he said.

“They will come to Featherstone and they will want to do well. We’ve got to be on our game and we’ll be looking to improve on what we did last week against North Wales Crusaders.

“I think the big thing for us is to start with more intensity and be more physical, certainly round the ruck area. I think that’s something we need to improve on.

“We are building some good momentum. When we click we look like a Super League team and when we are a little slow out of the blocks and we lack intensity and we lack a bit of direction with our game plan at times, we look like a Championship team.”

Bastian will check on Greg Worthington and Jack Bussey who were injured at Wrexham.

He said: “Greg got a bang to his jaw but I think he will be fine. We’ll monitor Jack Bussey’s twisted ankle and see he how is.

“I was delighted with Jack and George Flanagan against Crusaders. They went in at hooker and were very dynamic and controlling in that area.”

Rovers centre Ben Hellewell and second-rower Matty Dale were selected for the Kingstone Press Championship team of the week following thes win at Crusaders.

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