Askham disappointed to have to pull out of planned Nottingham fight

Scott Askham
Scott Askham

Hemsworth mixed martial arts fighter Scott Askham has spoken of his disappointment at having to pull out of his bout at ACB 87, in Nottingham.

Middleweight Askham was due to take on Ibragim Chuzhigaev, but was forced to pull out after suffering a concussion in training.

He explained: “I suffered a concussion and on doctors advise no training for 28 days.

“Brain injuries are serious and I have a life after fighting. I will also acknowledge what the medical professionals say and listen.

“Sorry to everyone that was coming to support me, sorry to my opponent and sorry to ACB! I hate pulling out of fights and have fought through many injuries.”

Askham added: “I will be back miles stronger from this. I feel great in my training and also my fights. This is the fight game it’s not pretty sometimes.

“The 2018 goal is still the same – KSW world champion.

“I will try to take positives out of every situation. Least I can rest up and spend some quality time with my family and celebrate my daughter’s first birthday properly.”