What happened to £200K pool investment?

Browsing through Wakefield Council’s cabinet meeting minutes, I came across a document from the council when it was led by Councillor Box,commissioned in July 2006.

This 47 page ‘Sports Strategy Consultation Draft’ looked at current provision, identified key issues and the need for future provision.

A very thorough assessment of swimming pools was undertaken, through site visits and visual assessments.

At that time, out of the eight pools, Minsthorpe scored lowest in the quality score, and was the only one to be given a ‘poor’ quality rating – the others rating good or average.

It was pointed out in the key issues that, owing to this poor quality and condition, capital investment was required. In an appendix to this report, the figure of almost £200,000 was stated as the projected expenditure for Minsthorpe Pool in the following five years. I find it hard to believe that this actually came Minsthorpe’s way!

We have now been promised another review of district-wide leisure facilities. Will the plight of Minsthorpe again be deferred, with no clear improvement or replacement plan?

Cynthia Bressani

Swan Syke Drive