Welfare bill is appalling

I AM appalled at the government’s decision to scrap funding for cancer sufferers who are unable to work and take money from those who are disabled and need financial support just to live their daily lives.

The government’s welfare bill which is going through parliament at the moment could mean that people who are still very sick, possibly having or recovering from chemotherapy, will be forced to look for work.

I firmly believe that anyone who can work, should work but we have to recognise that there are some people who just are not able to. And that’s before we ask the question ‘where are all the jobs, exactly?’

I have written to the Secretary of State to let him know what people say to me on the doorsteps and in the street and to ask him if he would like to spend a few days in the real world visiting people in our area. I don’t expect I will get much of a response but if I do, I will let Express readers know!

Michelle Collins

Wrangbrook Road