‘Warped logic’ of Wakefield Council

I read with disbelief that Box and co have decided on a pay increase for staff on the minimum wage (Express September 26).

He states that there’s a strong economic case for such an award, whilst also making good business sense.

With a council that’s cutting back services, has made a good number of staff redundant and still going to have to make further cut backs within the near future, I fail to see the logic in this action.

But then it seems only government bodies and organisations have this sort of warped logic.

Will it encourage staff to give that bit extra?

Are the dustbin men going to start picking up the rubbish that they regularly drop and conveniently ignore? No, I doubt this very much.

If the money awarded can be reclaimed from the overpaid and over-pensioned top end managers, then I would be much more inclined to go along with the action.

John Hardman

Denton Gardens