‘Tune in to see need for change’

Live broadcasting has finally caught up with the Wakefield Council Chamber 82 years since the first BBC live broadcasts from Alexandra Palace and It gives people the opportunity to see what goes on in the monthly set piece council meeting.

This could be good thing considering that, in 2012, the majority of people in Wakefield District did not vote in the local elections.

Of the 257,119 people who could have voted. 180,259 chose not to do so, consequently, we see a controlling group that has held power since 1974.

Under the present system there is an election in three out of every four years with, effectively, the potential for only one third of the council to change each time.

People do not see the power or point of their vote so do not engage with the process. Seeing it in living technicolour may help confirm why things must change and why each vote really is important.

Before casting their vote, perhaps people need to check what their local councillors will do for them.

Personally I was elected to support the people in my ward on the local issues that are important to them, they give authority to the MP for the national issues.

Clearly in Wakefield we need to unlock democracy so that individuals can hold the administration to account on the matters that are important to them and uphold the council motto “Working for you”.

Coun Geoff Walsh


Wakefield Conservative Group