‘There are no bad dogs, just bad owners’

In response to the horrendous story of Lesley Eastons cat that was mauled by dogs (Express November 21).

This was heartbreaking to read and I hope the people involved are caught and punished for this terrible act. It is hard enough to lose a much loved pet through illness so I can not imagine what this lady is feeling.

I am the owner of both a greyhound and a lurcher both from Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. My lurcher was one of the many dogs that are bred for coursing but thrown out because he was either not fast enough or his prey drive not that strong. My greyhound Henry was taken to the vets to be put to sleep after badly smashing his leg and not able to race and earn his owner money. Luckily for Henry the vet amputated his leg and Henry went to Tia and his life was spared.

None of my dogs would kill a cat or small animal, they would maybe chase, as most dogs would do .

Thousands of greyhounds are bred for racing each year a lot of them don’t make the grade so are either passed on to some one else, advertised on gum tree free to good home or just abandoned. Or as of recently their ears chopped off so they can not be traced back through their ear tattos and dumped. The ones that do make the grade are disregarded in the same way when they get older and can no longer race.

There are some decent owners that keep the dogs and some that wait for a space to become empty in a rescue centre (these are few and far between).

The point I want to make is greyhounds get enough bad press and, contrary to popular belief, with the right owners they make wonderful pets. These people who committed this terrible act are mindless thugs and their dogs are probably made to fight and kill much larger animals also.

The people that adopt greyhounds and lurchers as pets know that these dogs have been taught to chase and kill so, with that in mind, you will see many greyhounds with muzzles on. People automatically presume its because the dog bites when it fact it is a precaution. Its all about being a sensible dog owner.

I could go on all day about what a rough deal these wonderful dogs get. I would love Lesley to meet my dogs so she don’t tar all owners with the same brush.

There are no bad dogs just owners. I recently spent the weekend at Tia helping with the 90 plus dogs waiting for a home, not to mention the ones in foster homes and the list of dogs waiting to come in and the ones that are permanent residents .

It’ heartbreaking and never ending, made worse by the people who let their dogs kill a much loved family pet.

Lorraine Yates

Mill Lane

South Kirkby