The human cost of Minsthorpe Pool closure

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The closure of Minsthorpe Pool has made life very difficult for me.

My grandson, aged six, lives with me. Now Minsthorpe has closed I have to take him to the Pontefract pool for swimming lessons. The lesson costs £17 for half an hour and there is the cost of petrol on top of that. From next week I will be driving home on lonely roads in the dark. I am 64 and have limited money, but I feel he needs to learn to swim.

If Minsthorpe Pool was open I could go swimming myself then pick my grandson up from Ash Grove School, which is next to the baths. This became even more important to me as I lost my husband in April and I miss meeting my friends who I used to meet at the over 50s sessions.

J Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall