‘Please improve the rubbish service’

I am writing about a letter I received from Wakefield Council regarding the filling and emptying of bins.

As readers will be aware, not everybody has the same amount of waste each week. Some have more than others, especially larger families and most people at some point produce more waste than is physically possible to put in a standard wheelie bin. This is not an assumption, it is hard fact and one which I have experienced on more than one occasion.

The council in its letter stated in its letter that ‘extra bags should not be left near the wheeled bins or at collection points’.

This statement is all well and good in an alternate reality where everybody produces less waste than the bin can hold. But what I would like the improvement team to do is explain to me, the rest of my street and the general public, what we are supposed to do with the excess waste if it is not to be left out at collection points? I welcome their suggestions on what is the best course of action as I am at a loss as to where to leave it, especially as we are paying for our waste to be removed.

On two occasions my and several other bins on our street have been missed on the day of collection and not collected for a further two weeks.

With the recent spell of good weather we had, this resulted in some of the bins being full of maggots. My neighbours and I contacted the council frequently in the following fortnight and were told our bins would be emptied on the normal collection day.

A plea to the council: as an improvement team, could you please improve the collection of our waste and, more to the point, make sure when any bins are missed they are collected well before the next collection date.

Richard Jarvis

Ivy Street