No wonder our A&E units are overstretched

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David Cameron and his cohorts in government wonder why people are swamping A&E units at hospitals.

After the trauma of losing my wife on September 13 after nearly 56 years of marriage I took ill on Saturday September 14 at about 10.30am.

My son contacted the emergency doctors service and was told to dial 111. After some 15 minutes on the phone he was told it could be up to 12 hours before a doctor could attend. I’m still waiting!

All we received was a telephone enquiry on Saturday night asking how I was at that moment (it was about 10pm). When the reply was given that I was not too bad and had gone to bed the doctor said there was no need for him to attend in that case.

That is the reason a lot of patients are going to A&E units – at least there is a chance of seeing someone out of clinic hours.

After all,the people of this country of ours were not all born with a silver tea service in their mouths.

Looking at this so-called government of ours, the Tories were against the introduction of the NHS and still are. David Cameron and his cohorts make me sick every time I hear them say the NHS is safe in their hands.

J Eskriett

First Avenue