LETTERS: Self employed should pay same national insurance

So we’ve a whopping £2bn hole in our finances by another woman Prime Minister who was not for turning?

National Insurance is not negotiable for anyone that earns monies whether PAYE, self employed or otherwise.

Sickness, holiday or maternity leave is negotiated company to company, as with rates of salaries.

Self employment is up to the individual to allow for such events in their costing for work they are undertaking.

I was astounded that some self employed pay as much as half the amount of PAYE employees and even with the proposed budget were still not going to pay the same as PAYE employees.

One chap who earns £36k was having to pay an extra £10 a week.

I pay that on my private pension, contributed wholly with my own money and I’m 73.

Where do they think the money comes from when a family member has to visit a doctor, or worse, a hospital?

I recall a Sunday lunch in my local. A good friend was standing at the bar wearing overalls. I said: “ You been working for the taxman?”

He replied: “If I have to pay the taxman I will be changing my accountant.”

That sums up the self employed to me.

Alex Gillies, via email