Letters: No confidence in council opposition

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John Hardman, Ackworth

Having messaged Wakefield Council’s opposition group of Conservative councillors about a couple of issues, I suppose I naively expected replies.

Not so. I find it difficult to believe that only one councillor made the effort to reply, and not about the points that I had raised.

The other six councillors just acknowledged that they had supposedly read the emails by pressing the read button.

With Wakefield Council being dominated by Labour group councillors, the opposition appears to be ineffective or non-existent, or both.

If Conservative opposition councillors won’t reply to emails, don’t raise any points or express their feelings in the local papers or media, why would people take the chance and vote for them in the first place?

It might seem an impossible task for opposition councillors, but disgruntled Wakefield Council residents need an alternative voting channel, even if only to show their displeasure with the council’s dominant party and its decisions.

The electorate must have the utmost confidence in the people that they vote for, and confidence that the said councillors are doing the best that they can under the circumstances in opposition.