LETTERS: Help me with Castleford memories

Can anyone in the Rock Hill area in Castleford help me fill in a few memory blanks from my childhood?

I was born in Crawley, Sussex, just before the Second World War.

During the war a young Land Girl arrived from Yorkshire to live in our house.

As far as I can remember my brother Michael and I moved to Castleford to live with her family.

Rock Hill in Castleford resounds in my mind (and Yorkshire pudding, large teaplate size).

Michael and I attended school and later returned home with Yorkshire accents.

The Land Girl was called Minnie Pickersgill.

Sadly I cannot confirm any of this as both my parents and brother have since died.

I would love to know if Minnie or any siblings or children could help me fill in some of the blanks.

Please email the Pontefract and Castleford Express at editorial@pandcexpress.co.uk with any information you might have and the details will be passed along to me.

Ann Woodhead, via email