LETTERS - Fight for walker’s rights

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In response to Ricky Jones, who felt it was is his duty to write and defend Wakefield Council’s disability discrimination, Mr Jones statement ‘he can’t for the life of him understand why a disabled person would want to walk in fields’ doesn’t surprise me.

Since becoming disabled I have met many ignorant people who don’t understand people’s rights. Thoughtlesness is a hidden disability as is lack of empathy for anyone who is different.

I and others, who actually live in Hemsworth applied for an order for an under section 53[5] Wildlife and Countryside act in 2009 after a fence became a barrier to any walkers using the path.

My information and understanding of Disability Discrimination and Countryside Access is borne of research and knowledge of the law. The council claimed they installed the stiles not me they used the same spurious reasoning as Mr Jones when failing to act fairly.

I would not normally reward ignorance with a response, but felt compelled to on this occasion.

I wonder whose responsibility it will be if children using that field get hurt or isn’t that so important to the people who value the right to enjoy their own hobbies at the expense of others.

I hope he never has limitations in life/choices, or feel patronised and shamed for wanting equality with others. A little respect wouldn’t go amiss instead of mocking the efforts of people seeking justice.

As for the ‘need to see both sides’ I have to say anti-social behaviour can be committed by horse riders not just the rest of society.

Pam Walker

Dale View, Hemsworth