Letter - which way did you vote?

Coun Tulley, in his letter Thursday April 10, claims that ‘once again’ I’ve got my ‘facts wrong’.

I always understood ‘facts’ to mean things that are true no matter what. Going by that definition, I don’t think there’s one wrong item of information in the letter he criticises.

He focuses his objections on my claim that last September 18 he could have voted to keep the pool open. All he had to do was accept the amendment of Coun Walsh, which proposed that the shutdown be rescinded immediately.

Coun Walsh is a Tory – and therefore allied to the most uncompassionate, self-centred, vindictive and utterly hypocritical political party since Tony Blair’s New Labour.

And I am quite prepared to believe his amendment was introduced out of mischief, rather than any sincere support for our community – he is a Tory, after all. But the ‘fact’ is, he called for a rescindment when nobody else did.

Nine people voted for Coun Walsh’s amendment, and 49 against. Among those 49 were all our much-loved and respected district councillors who, we are regularly assured, are ‘fighting for our ward’. I would ask the people to remember their names the next time they vote: Couns Collins, Harrison and Tulley. They all voted against Coun Walsh’s amendment, because otherwise they’d have been suspended and probably de-selected.

That’s what people who want real democratic representation for our area are up against: in a choice between party and the people, the party wins every single time. Modern, Blair-image Labour does not tolerate independent thought in its representatives, a ‘fact’ Couns Hodson and Tulley have both fallen foul of recently.

Coun Tulley appears to want commending for putting forward his own motion. It called for the Minsthorpe Pool closure to be ‘debated’, along with ‘the wider implications’ for our area.

Well we all know what WMDC debates are worth, and what little influence democracy has with them. For years upon years, Wakefield Met’s leaders have done exactly what they wanted, while compliant Labour councillors act as their enablers, pocket £250 a week each, and claim they are acting in our best interests.

Coun Tulley’s ‘debate’ to ‘address’ the closure was at best a mere nod to local objections; at worst a deliberate attempt to fool people into thinking the decision could be changed under democratic pressure – which was never going to happen.

The pool was neglected and badly maintained for years – probably with the deliberate intention of letting it get into such a state that closure would seem a reasonable economy.

Coun Tulley will insist I am distorting the truth, however, so in order to settle once and for all the doubts over who voted for what in the Minsthorpe Pool saga, I suggest he answers ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following:

Did Coun Walsh’s amendment ask for the closure to be rescinded? And did you, Coun Harrison and Coun Collins vote against it?

John Heyes

Beaumont Avenue

South Elmsall