Letter - What’s happening at Town End junction?

This morning I happened across a cutting from the P&C Express dated July 21, 2011, and headlined “End of the road for junction?” written by Lauren Potts.

The article began with the words “Plans to end the traffic misery at ... Town End junction are underway according to council chiefs.”

Apparently the deputy leader of the council, Denise Jeffrey, had said that design work was due to start in September of that year and could be completed by the end of 2013.

That date has come and gone now and the estimation looks to have been a figment of someone’s imagination because the junction is still an offensive consumer of everyone’s precious time! (I can’t imagine why it would take a year and a half years to rip out the nonsensical bunch of traffic lights that took only a matter of weeks to install under the guidance of Wayne Jenkins - He who proudly gave his name to Jenkins’ Folly - does anyone know where he went by the way...?)

Ms Jeffrey was quoted as saying “Town End has been an issue for years and we had consultation with the public so we’re going to put in a roundabout. We’re doing it because the people overwhelmingly asked us to do it. It was changed years ago...and it’s caused so much controversy. We all get held up in it...We had hundreds of people and we’re listening to what they say.”

She was also quoted as saying “the reconstruction was part of a masterplan for Pontefract etc etc.”

The Ponte & Cas Express added a picture (notably with most of the lights at green. with the question “Nightmare: September start for Town End?)

The answer to that question is a fuzzy one. It may or may not be that the scheme gets a September start, but that is just a red herring.

The real question is...which decade are we talking about!

M D Griffin

Mill Hill Road