Letter - We must win for the sake of our town

Many of us have examined the details of the planning application for a waste plant on Wheldon Road and mresearched the processes and the companies involved.

The findings are very worrying.

The huge chimneys will constantly emit greenhouse gases and other toxic pollution. Buried in the application is a request to emit damaging toxic particles on 35 days per year.

These particles are so small they can be breathed into the lungs and cause lethal damage. But no-one is going to really know how many days they are emitted.

The experts know enough to be fearful of the effects, especially in the long term. There is widespread public fear and concern in Japan at the moment because a cloud of these kinds of toxic particles is blowing across from China and they know this is immensely dangerous.

Wakefield Council has catered for our own waste with a plant in South Kirkby. The region has an over-capacity for waste disposal, so this plant is not required.

Some other plants in this country have to import waste in order to keep running and making a profit. Imported waste could clog up our roads even more as they want unlimited heavy lorries and tankers though Castleford.

The town already breaches the recommended levels for air pollution caused by traffic. The standing vehicles in town and at junctions are the main problem but this will greatly increase with countless huge lorries joining the queues.

What happened to the plans for Urban Renaissance and shared vision for the future? The future regeneration of the town is dependent on the ability of planners to create an environment which is attractive to developers and people who will consider buying homes here.

To achieve these plans and the aspirations of local people there has been substantial public investment.

Castleford’s riverside regeneration began with town centre improvements, the river footbridge and Fryston Country Park.

Network Rail and ‘Clean Energy’ think they can ignore these plans. ‘Clean Power properties’ is part of a complex company called Mountgrange, which is already being investigated by government administrators and they have never actually build one of these plants.

Yet because the planning rules are so skewed to big business interests, the planners could recommend and approve this proposal.

If we lose the fight it will mean the destruction of the renaissance vision, increased congestion, noise and dangerous pollution. We must do all we can to fight it. The force of many united people, as well as sound, well-researched arguments, can be powerful.

That is why we urge everyone to join us in the fight and get behind ‘Castleford United’.

We must win for the sake of our town and a better quality of life for us all.

Alison Drake