LETTER: Wakefield Council is in an impossible situation

In response to K Nicholls’ letter in last week’s Express, he is obviously unaware of the impossible situation that the government has placed us in.

We have an unprecedented amount of cuts to make this year and next, which Mr Nicholls obviously isn’t aware of.

We need to save £61m over the next two financial years. We will continue to do our best for residents but significant savings do need to be made.

Minsthorpe Pool closed because it needed major repairs and a review of leisure provision for the Five Towns is ongoing.

But we have committed £5m for building a new pool.

We are striving to do our best for the people of the whole district but the financial climate will make this very difficult.

I don’t think Mr Nicholls has yet grasped the enormity of the government imposed cuts that for Wakefield will total £185m per year, 60 per cent of the council’s spend is on adults and children’s services. We will see adults, children’s services and leisure facilities having to be reduced.

I would say to Mr Nicholls to at least put the blame where it lies and that is with this government.

None of our Labour councillors came into local government to implement cuts on this scale.

Coun Graham Stokes

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate