LETTER: Upton came close to ruin, thanks to Wakefield Council

Arthur Scargill blamed the Coal Board for decimating the mining communities by closing the pits.

Quite correct. I had a personal argument with Mr Heaton on the subject.

But none of them come as near to ruining Upton as WMDC.

With Upton pit closing 20 years ahead of neighbouring pits, we never saw the promised land as presented on the Unitary Development Plan.

Development of land off Sleepwalk Lane fell by the wayside.

The same fate was met by the proposed nine hole golf course.

The eyesore of the dangerous bridge still exists. Two beautiful schools went under the housing hammer, along with the associated playing fields.

They were getting rid of the baths until the people woke up. They couldn’t wait to close the library.

And now they want not only to kick our old people out of their homes, they want to scatter them far and wide in their old age; this at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Oh yes, we were promised one concession...a massive pig farm.

Beacon House and its residents are Upton, some were here as the pit was sunk.

Beacon House is a residence called home, in the true meaning of the word.

For pities sake, recognise and respect the dignity of the residents, and leave them in peace. They don’t have houses, they have homes.

Don Crossley

Tower Avenue