LETTER: Teach new drivers to be courteous for benefit of Wakefield district

Calling all driving instructors.

Is it possible to teach new drivers to be courteous as well as teaching them to drive?

I am not blaming all new drivers but I believe if they are taught now, in years to come the problems will be less.

Lots of things wrong but my pet hate is parking on footpaths, last week my neighbour had a fall trying to negotiate a van parked on the path.

Is there no thought for the elderly and disabled?

In most cases where a car has mounted the path there is still not enough room to let two vehicles past, so what is the point?

Many years ago a lorry was blocking my wife’s path, so she ended up going onto the main road with a baby in the pushchair and holding on to a toddler just because he was a poor driver.

So you people that park this way please respond to this, to tell me what is the point.

Ken Hanson

Sandringham Road