LETTER: Support for South Elmsall councillor

I am writing in support of Coun Steve Tulley and to put forward the opinions of the people of our community.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of Wakefield Council all councillors, with the exception of myself, voted to impose further disciplinary measures against Coun Tulley. This came as a result of an investigation into Coun Tulley’s conduct which was chaired by Dean Emeritus George Nairn-Briggs.

While I do not wish to challenge the findings of the investigating committee, rather I contend that the remit and terms of reference governing the investigation were too narrow and did not allow for adequate balance in terms of the opposing viewpoint to be presented and investigated.

Both Coun Tulley and myself have received generous support from the South East community in recent months and we appreciate everything you have done for us.

The general consensus is that a split has occurred between Wakefield Council and the community of the South East and this is based on the perception that the South East does not receive its fair share of resources and money allocated by Wakefield Council.

Also why is it that the South East does not have representation at cabinet level within Wakefield Council?

For Coun Tulley to face further sanctions can only reinforce the split and I suggest that the time has come for reconciliation and we get on with the business of regenerating and representing the communities of the South East.

Maybe it would be a good idea to ask a local MP to chair a reconciliation committee that has a wide ranging remit to address the concerns of the people of the South East.

Coun Shaun Hodson