Letter - Sparing with the facts over miners’ strike

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The articles and letter regarding the miners’ strike, are politically biased, mischievous, and sparing with the facts.

Colliery closures have happened throughout the whole of the 20th century.

I worked for the coal board through the whole of the 1960s, which during that period pit closures were happening.

In fact during Harold Wilson’s term in office as prime minister 290 collieries closed, while under Margaret Thatcher’s term 160 closed (both government figures).

Former trade unionist and Labour politician Lord Robens, when chairman of the NCB, oversaw the closure of 400 pits (approx) and the loss of 300,000 miners jobs (approx) extra to that between 1973 to 1983 the NCB lost/ cost the country £1.6 billion.

J Hardman

Denton Gardens