Letter - Scrap Citizen to help with cash

With regard to the letter from Coun Peter Box CBE (19.12.13) I do not wish to get involved in party politics because I do not vote for Labour now, even though my parents were lifelong Labour voters and I used to vote for them.

The issue with Coun Box is that I remember him writing to your newspaper in the past saying the general public agree with local councillors getting expenses.

How would he know? Did he do a survey? He also said we cannot go on freezing council tax, fair enough. I don’t want to pay it but why publish “The Citizen” and WDM magazines to every household in the Wakefield and District area?

If he stopped this wouldn’t council tax be able to be frozen?

Mr Box talks about democracy. I don’t think democracy is sending out wasteful literature.

Raymond Mattocks

The Close