Letter - Save cash by getting rid of councillors

When are the council going to stop ripping people off?

They are increasing the council tax by another 1.99%, Mark Burns Williamson increasing the police budget to every household with 1.99% increase.

What do we get? The answer is, our bins emptied twice a month, we don’t see any police on our streets. Yes, anyone can say burglaries are down it does not take a genius to manipulate figures as a lot of the crimes are not recorded the and police do not come out when a crime is reported.

I see another 1,400 on top of the already 1,000 jobs to go on the council, pools being shut, care for the old and young going.

But there is no mention of the numbers of councillors being reduced. We have 63 councillors in the district - what for?

Why can’t one councillor convey the business for their area?

Do we need three councillors in Ferry Fryston, three in Glasshoughton, three in Whitwood and so on. The cost to Wakefield Council taxpayers being well over £1m last year - £1,016,264.61p to be precise.

Lawrence R Pease

Redhill Avenue