LETTER: PFI problems will continue in NHS

Wow, what a surprise, people are noticing what I have been stating since I first heard that the floodgates were to open to PFI in our NHS.

When this was announced I sent an email to my MP and wrote a letter to this paper all those years ago but neither the MP nor the paper believed what I said would happen in the future.

Now it seems the readers are waking up to what it means to have PFI involved in our NHS.

It means loads of money being paid each year to rent hospitals which should be ours.

Staffing levels cut to the bare minimum, patients health, wellbeing and dignity suffering, more contract nurses being employed at three or four times the wages ordinary nurses are paid, sweeteners given to contractors and PFI through poor negotiations and people in high places having their fingers in the pie for their own benefit is my belief.

I wrote to this paper concerning the amount of money our nursing staff are charged to park to work each month and are still charged if they have to use the public parking but were unable to claim these charges back.

I said why doesn’t the Trust abolish parking charges for nursing staff every month and give it back to the nursing staff as a rethink pay rise, cost nothing to anyone or department.

People think PFI ends here, well it does not. Take certain American companies that rush in and buy up our chemists or pharmacies and as soon as they start business they begin changing the generic medication from the original to cheaper medication not worrying how long it takes to replace medications or the patient who has to stretch their medication until they receive their proper dosages of the cheaper medication.

I know this is true becase I have the letters to prove what I have written.

The main letter is from London and deals with the payment of generic medications prescribed by your doctor.

It states all chemists and pharmacies must supply the generic medication to the patient that is prescribed by the GP on prescription.

So are some of these chemists and pharmacies dispensing with the original generic prescribed medications for cheaper medications but charging the NHS for the dearer prescription, generic medication of the same name?

I have raised this matter with my MP in writing.

P D Roper

Little Lane