Letter - Our rose beds are blooming again

Friends of Friarwood Valley Gardens in the rose garden
Friends of Friarwood Valley Gardens in the rose garden

Older people will remember the rose garden in the Valley Gardens in past days with its impressive profusion of rose beds, but more recently because there has been no replanting for some years and it has become a sad spectacle with many of the beds containing only a few gnarled, woody specimens.

Following the restoration of the sensory garden last year, Friends of Friarwood Valley Gardens decided that its next gardening project would be restoration of the rose garden. There are 32 beds in the rose garden, each when fully planted containing an average of 50 roses, so it is a considerable challenge for our small volunteer gardening group which holds gardening sessions two or three times each month throughout the year.

We have been fortunate to obtain the support and advice of Priory Roses at Hillam which provides roses to us at cost price and also recently donated 130 container roses, sufficient to fully replant three rose beds. Another four beds have been replanted from individual sponsorship and we have sponsors for five more beds. However, we need more gardening volunteers and sponsors for the remaining 20 rose beds.

Because of our partnership with Priory Roses we can replant a rose bed for £100, a single rose for £2 and sponsorship is invited. The rose garden project would have been a non-starter without Priory Roses to whom we owe a big thank you for helping us to restore Pontefract’s hidden gem.

If you would like to get involved with Friends of Friarwood Valley Gardens with gardening or sponsorship please get in touch with me at 01977 795074 or through our Facebook page.

Colin White

Chair of Friends of Friarwood Valley Gardens