Letter - Our ‘problem hotel’ has no vacancies

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Our country should be looked on as a hotel - if full “no vacancies”. Colour and race does not come into it.

We are full. Close the doors. Let us then look after all in the hotel. Then look at sorting problems. We are spending money we do not have.

Firstly, is there a need for a high-speed train? No. The time saving is very little. Improve what we have if need be. More would benefit.

Secondly, why build new hospitals when the building, as per Pontefract, was and could have been updated with the interest being paid on a yearly loan? Why pull down perfectly good hospital buildings when they could be used for old people who require care?

We should pull Army personnel out of other countries. They could help at home and enable old people to remain in their own homes.

With regard to the problem of rubbish, one half day per month schoolchildren could pick rubbish up. That would be a lesson for them to stop dropping it in the first place.

The empty town shops could be used as drop-in centres to teach people how to bake, cook, sew and decorate, grow fruit and vegetables etc.

The amount of employment will never be the same again - technology altered that.

If a person is of school leaving age, they could be placed in the workplace on a one-to-one basis to learn. Any person who has more than one job (at the living wage) should give the extra job up to help others. A higher retiring age is not fair when the young need work.

Power stations should be kept. We should use our own coal - not rely on wind turbines and solar power which many people say is not good enough.

It is time for action, and fast.

Mrs P Stewart

North Lodge Lane