LETTER: New cycle lane in Castleford is a mess

The council has recently a spent a lot of money widening the road where the old Wheldale pit shaft used to be.

This has been needed for a long time so I was amazed when they put cycle lanes down both sides.

The other day, as I drove down the lane, there was a man removing them with a blow torch and this morning I saw that rather than removing them they have repainted them wider, so wide that the traffic lanes are so narrow a car can’t fit in, so has to drive in the cycle lane.

What amazes me is that the council pays tens of thousands of pounds to people in the highways and planning departments to organise these jobs and can’t see that this is more unsafe than having cycle lanes in the first place.

Surely the money would be better spent and be more beneficial to cyclists to fill in all the potholes in the districts roads.

At this point I have to declare that I am not a lover of cyclists on the roads, in fact the only thing I hate more than cyclists is Leeds Rhinos.

Peter Clarkson

Ambler Street