LETTER: Minsthorpe Pool might not have closed if Wakefield Council had maintained it

Typical selective answers we expect from bureaucrats in the reply from Graham Stokes last week.

Ok so you’ve earmarked £5m for a new pool, perhaps if you had maintained the pool over the years you would not have had to close it.

And how does building a new leisure facility at a cost of £12m make sense when we have existing facilities that simply need maintaining? We have the Hepworth Gallery that is free entry, why?

You’ve given a million pounds to the Tour de France even thought it does not pass thought Wakefield area! Why?

A free courtesy bus service in Wakefield, why?

Yes, I’m aware of central goverment cuts but I’m equally aware of grandstand projects that seem to favour Wakefield at the expense of the towns and I’m aware that the chief executive is on more than the prime minister and god knows how many other managers are paid in excess of £100k.

It appears that Wakefield is not subject to the drastic cutbacks that the rest of the towns are.

One has to wonder, why?

K Nicholls

Manor Close